How To Videos

Stranded Knitting Example

This video gives you a view of my hands as I knit.  My favorite method is the two-handed technique, carrying a strand of yarn in each hand.  When long strands of yarn are carried behind the work, it becomes necessary to "lock in" the float (the unused strand of yarn behind).  Watch my hands as I lock in the pink strand one way, and the gray strand another way.  Also notice how I keep pulling back the stitches with my right hand, sliding them along the needle onto the cable.  This is to prevent the floats from being too short and puckering the work.  

Two-handed Fair Isle Technique 

Check out this Philosopher's Wool video on the two-handed fair isle technique.  Ann Bourgeois gives some excellent instruction that will enhance your knitting experience. 

Add a Tassle

If you would like to add a tassel to the top of your hat, here is a YouTube video showing how it is done. My Swirl Stocking Cap design especially needs a tassel.